Boiler Repair

Boiler Repair

A boiler is a large machine that produces hot water, heating and sometimes even electricity. A boiler should not be left running without someone controlling it because it could overheat and explode. The water inside will eventually evaporate and the fire can be extinguished.

If you need a boiler repair, contact a professional at All Plumbing Newbury because they have the knowledge and tools to make sure your boiler is running at peak efficiency.

Why You Need a Professional for a Boiler Repair?

Boiler repair is more complicated than it looks on the outside. A boiler system encompasses components for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and humidity control. All of these need to work in concert to keep the house comfortable so if something doesn’t seem right about your climate control or just isn’t functioning properly, that may be an indication that you have a problem with your boiler.

A homeowner would need some kind of training just before tackling this sort of thing without taking proper precautions- safety gear not included—and even then wouldn’t be able to diagnose anything other than the most rudimentary problems.

When it comes to fixing any boiler , routine maintenance can go a long way towards preventing problems from escalating into emergencies—and for this type of work, it’s really best to let the pros do what they do.

Landlord Safety Certificate

Protect your tenants and your property by guaranteeing the minimum safety risk with our expert testing. Our Gas Safe™ registered engineers are capable of working with all types of gas systems, and conduct gas safety inspections on boilers, hobs, cookers and fires to ensure that your property is in line with current legislation. Get in touch with us now to schedule your test.

When I Should get my Boiler Repaired?

You should get your boiler repaired if it’s making strange noises, the machinery isn’t functioning properly, or if there are signs of leakages.

It can be helpful to have a professional plumber assess your system every year, just to catch any problems before they arise. As for whether or not you should wait until you see something suspicious happening first-hand…that’s up to you.

A typical boiler lasts about 10 years before it needs to be replaced entirely so long as regular maintenance is performed on them throughout the years. If for whatever reason your boiler trips off suddenly and an engineer visits and says everything seems fine after inspecting, don’t assume it’s solved.

More often than not this means that there is still a fault in the machine.

How much does a boiler repair cost?

A boiler repair will depend on the damage and how much work is required. The cost varies from little to a lot. But if they find it needs to be replaced, they may recommend that your system also be upgraded which can cost about £1000 or more, depending on what’s necessary for your needs. A professional will need to come out and do a boiler inspection in order for you know an estimate of costs which depends upon the type of boiler you have and what is wrong with it.

Your Boiler May need an inspection if you notice any of the following:

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