Our response to COVID 19


We recognise the increased uncertainty that coronavirus is causing for everyone, and we also know that the heating industry has an important role to play. We wanted to let all our customers know we still have members of staff working. We are following government guidelines and recommendations closely, as well as implementing our own practices and procedures to reduce risk.

We would like to apologise for a reduction in response times due to COVID-19. We are experiencing an influx in workload plus a reduction in productive hours due to measures we have put in place to protect clients.

COVID-19 additional procedures:

We are contacting customers 15 minutes before arriving to make necessary arrangements for access to the property and ask that customers keep their distance from the engineer working or clients can leave their home to go for a walk prior to our visit if they wish. We will ask if there are any special procedures you wish us to adopt upon arrival. Invoices will be emailed, and we do not expect a signature from you so that nobody has to interact with our engineer if it is their wish.

Our standard procedure will be to wear new gloves which we will put on outside our van upon arriving at our clients’ property. Engineers will also be wearing face masks which will be disposed of safely when leaving our clients property. All tools used will be clean thoroughly and appropriately.

COVID-19 new procedure outside of the client’s home:

Our Engineers will be taking body temperature tests daily. In the case of any family members showing symptoms of COVID-19 the engineer shall remain in self isolation for 14 days.

Any engineer showing any symptoms of coronavirus will be in self isolation and not out working.

Vehicle sanitation:

Our vans will be cleaned and sanitised inside and out prior to our engineers leaving home and upon their return home — this will include all interior surfaces, flooring areas, load areas inside and out. This preparation will mean our working hours we will start at 9am, unless our out of hours emergency team are involved.

Engineers Personal sanitation

Our engineers will ensure their footwear is sanitised before starting work and prior to entering their own home.

Upon our engineers entering their own home they will shower prior to touching anything in their home uniform will be bagged prior to shower and washed carefully

Clean uniform will be worn daily.

Our aim is to take responsibility for our actions used in suppressing the spread of COVID-19 and ensuring the safety of all our clients, their families, our personnel and their families.