Swimming Pool Boilers

Heating up your pool

What is a Swimming Pool Boiler

A swimming pool boiler heats up water quickly and more evenly than other heating systems. A swimming pool boiler also takes up less space than a standard boiler, which means that it is possible to have a more efficient heating system installed in your backyard.

When you have a swimming pool, it needs to be heated properly so that the water is kept at a certain temperature all year round. If you don’t install one, you’ll need to contact someone to come by on a regular basis to heat the water for you, which can get expensive.

Here at All Plumbing Newbury, we have boilers ready to heat your swimming pool.

Why Your Pool Needs Heating

It’s important to heat the pool water properly because anything less will make swimming impossible. If you don’t have a heater installed, you’ll need to contact someone to come out and heat your pool water for you on a regular basis. This costs money, which can make owning a swimming pool less fun.

If you have a swimming pool boiler, it will heat up the water quickly and evenly without taking up a lot of space in your backyard. This means that you can use the space in other ways when you own this type of heating system.

A swimming pool needs to be heated because the water in the pool is constantly losing heat. Without heating, your pool’s temperature will drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This can be extremely dangerous for swimmers who are waiting or entering into the cold water.

To avoid this problem, you should install a swimming pool boiler system to heat up the pool.

Boiler Installation

The Benefits to a Swimming Pool Boiler

A swimming pool boiler system is an efficient and convenient way to heat up your swimming pool all year round. A standard boiler for a pool usually takes up a lot of room, which can then make it difficult to use that space in other ways. With a swimming pool boiler, you get the same benefits of heating up water quickly and evenly without taking up as much space in your backyard.

This means that you can use your backyard in other ways, such as throwing outdoor barbecues or spending time with friends and family outdoors during the warmer months.

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