When is a Leaking Pipe an Emergency?

Have you ever woken up to a puddle under your kitchen sink, or heard a persistent dripping sound from behind the wall? Leaking pipes can be a real nuisance, but it’s important to know when a leak has turned into a plumbing emergency. A small drip might just require tightening a loose connection, but a major leak can cause significant water damage and lead to costly repairs.

In this blog post, the experts at APS Ltd, your trusted plumbers in Newbury and Thatcham, will explain how to identify a leaking pipe emergency and what steps to take to keep your home safe and sound.

Signs of a Leak That Might Be an Emergency

Not all leaks are created equal. Here are some tell-tale signs that your leaky pipe might be a plumbing emergency:

  • Visible water damage: Leaking pipes can cause hidden damage behind walls and under floors. If you notice stains on your walls, peeling wallpaper, or bubbling paint, it could be a sign of a leak that’s been going on for some time.
  • Major loss of water pressure: A sudden drop in your water pressure could indicate a burst pipe or a large leak somewhere in your system. This requires immediate attention to prevent further damage.
  • Unexplained increase in water bill: If your water bill takes an unexpected jump, it’s a strong indicator that there’s a leak somewhere in your plumbing system.
  • Hearing rushing water: The sound of rushing water is a clear sign of a significant leak that needs immediate attention. Don’t delay in calling a professional plumber.
  • Foul odours: A leak involving sewage lines can be a health hazard. If you detect unpleasant odours coming from your drains, it’s a sign of a leak that requires urgent repair.

When to Call APS Ltd for Emergency Leaks

If you’re experiencing any of the signs above, don’t hesitate to call APS Ltd. We understand that a leaking pipe can be a stressful situation, and that’s why we offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services. You can reach our qualified plumbers any time of day or night at 01635269888.

Here’s why calling APS Ltd is the best course of action for a leaking pipe emergency:

  • Fast response: We understand the urgency of a plumbing emergency, and our plumbers will be at your doorstep as quickly as possible to assess the situation.
  • Expert Leak Detection: Our experienced plumbers have the expertise to identify the source and severity of the leak quickly and efficiently.
  • Leak Stopping Measures: We will take immediate steps to stop the leak and prevent further damage to your property. This may involve isolating the water supply or implementing temporary repairs until a permanent solution can be found.
  • Long-Term Solutions: Our plumbers will recommend and implement the most appropriate repair solution to ensure the leak is fixed properly and permanently.

What to Do While Waiting for a Plumber

While you wait for a qualified plumber to arrive, here are a few things you can do to minimise the damage:

  • Turn off the main water supply valve: If you can safely locate the main water supply valve for your house, turn it off to stop the flow of water to the leak. This will help prevent further damage while you wait for help.
  • Contain the leak: Place a bucket or container under the leak to collect any dripping water and prevent it from spreading.
  • Move belongings away from the area: If possible, move any furniture or belongings away from the affected area to prevent water damage.

Important Note: We strongly advise against attempting any major repairs yourself, especially if you’re not a qualified plumber. Improper repairs can worsen the leak and lead to more extensive damage.


Don’t let a leaking pipe turn into a major disaster. By knowing the signs of a plumbing emergency and taking prompt action, you can minimize water damage and keep your home safe.

At APS Ltd, we are your trusted plumbing experts in Newbury and Thatcham. Our qualified plumbers can handle all types of leaks, from minor drips to major bursts. We offer a range of plumbing services, including emergency leak repairs, so you can rest assured that your plumbing problems will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

For a free quote or to schedule emergency plumbing services, contact APS Ltd today. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Don’t forget to schedule regular plumbing maintenance with APS Ltd to prevent future leaks and keep your plumbing system in top condition.